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We are the British Independent Incoming Tour Operator Association.

 If you wish to contact specific people and you know the name of the person you wish to call, you can give that to the operator and she or he will connect you to that persons voicemail box where you can leave a message.

British Independent Travel Operators Association


The British Independent Travel Operators Association provides useful information and special deals for travellers and tourists. By contacting them you can get advice on travel destination, holiday recommendations and best prices available.

The Association provides special deals with over 20 travel agencies, so by calling their number you can access cheap flights and privileged accommodation with competitive quotations. It works with some of the most trusted companies in the business of tourism, so you can trust all its partners and offered deals. 

Companies and organisations can also benefit from special deals by contacting the Association. It has worked with groups and events since the beginning and by calling you can find about special offers available. 

The company also has a free access blog with information about travel destinations, accommodation, travel options and many other matters of touristic interest. Call rates may apply for calls from within the UK or from outside Great Britain,


please see the taffies and let us know if you would prefer we can take your message by email or by using our contact form.


Travelers from the UK and the world.

"My best experience with a travel operator has been with BITOA. I have nothing to complain about, their service has just been perfect. They responded really quick and offered me great plans. I’d recommend them to all my friends."

By Jacqueline Field

"There is definitely a great deal of quality to BITOA’s work. You can see how they move and make arrangements with different providers. They have always offered me good prices and great results."

By Charles Murrock

"My experience with BITOA has always been possitive. I came back to them after my first time with them and nothing has changed so far. They deliver and they do it well."

By Carol Dennington