Holiday Apartments Algarve

With beautiful sandy beaches stretching for 200 kilometres, Algarve is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination in Portugal. You can enjoy walking along the endless sandy beaches soaking up the warm sun. If you want more than just beaches, Algarve has just the activities to make your holiday a spectacular experience. Before talking about holiday apartments here are some tips on fun and food when in Algarve.

Fun for Everyone

Apart from enjoying countless beach and water games, this coastal location is also packed with natural and historical sites you are sure to enjoy. Algarve is great not just for adults looking to have a good time but also for kids. For the adults, Algarve has 30 golf courses. Golf has never been more fun than it is in this beautiful city. For the younger ones Algarve has numerous water parks that will make for a lovely day out. There is something for everyone in Algarve from adrenaline junkies to history enthusiasts who can enjoy the riveting stories behind Tavira and Silves.

Eateries and Markets

All the activity is sure to leave you and your entourage hungry but not to worry because Algarve has a wide selection of eateries that serve exquisite food. You can also sit back after your meal and sip a wonderful glass of Portuguese wine. Some accommodation options in Algarve will provide you with the self catering option. Even better; Algarve has great food markets with fresh produce. Shopping among the residents of Algarve will be a wonderful social experience for you no doubt.

Where to Stay In Algarve 

Once you decide to go to Algarve on your next holiday, your next hurdle will be finding proper accommodation. For this coastal destination hotels can be extremely expensive and even have the “touristy” feel so most guests prefer alternative accommodation. Holiday apartments are extremely popular in Algarve. They come with a whole lot of advantages including:

They are cheaper

You can prepare your own meals

You get to enjoy lots of space

You are free to come and go as you please

You can enjoy privacy

Here are some of the best holiday apartments in Algarve along with useful information on facilities, cost and what to expect.

The Vilamoura Apartments

Vilamoura offers you over 700 holiday apartments to choose from. The Palmyra townhouse for example is an excellent choice if you are looking for space, affordability and convenience. It is located near the beach and has spacious apartments (four bedroom apartments) ranging from £ 65 a night. You can enjoy a quiet moment by the log fire or take a dip in the shared pool in the apartment complex. You can expect all standard amenities in the apartment including kitchen appliances and laundry facilities. Internet access is also guaranteed. 

Luz Apartments

The Luz apartments occupy the beach front at Praia da Luz. Centrally placed in one of the most scenic regions in the Algarve region, these apartments offer luxury and convenience all in one package not to mention the killer view from virtually every room. You can expect each apartment to have functional air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchenette, TV, wifi and so much more. For a ceiling cost of 170 pounds a night during the peak season, the Luz apartments are a preferred choice for many travellers.

Armacao De Pera Apartments

The Vista do Mar apartments in Vilamoura are very popular in the Algarve region. For just under 30 pounds a night you can enjoy your stay at one of the many spacious apartments. Complete with a pool and air conditioning in each apartment, this is the perfect place for a family vacation. There are several restaurants, markets and bars in the area so you do not have to worry about food and entertainment. All apartments come with basic household amenities including furniture, appliances and entertainment units. If you are looking for extremely affordable accommodation in Algarve then these apartments are a splendid option.

Other holiday apartments in Algarve include Oceanico Pinhal, Altura town, Meia praia, Quarteira and many others. Algarve caters for every budget from the overly ambitious to the very stringent. All holiday apartments in Algarve are child friendly and at a minimal extra cost you can get child friendly furniture. There is simply no going wrong with Algarve holiday apartments.

The Algarve region is a beautiful holiday destination with a lot to offer. Renting a holiday apartment is the best way to enjoy your stay in this amazing coastal destination as any other choice would dull all the glorious things Algarve has to offer. You can be sure you will enjoy your stay in Algarve if you stay at one of the numerous holiday apartments in the region.



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