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Welcome to our homepage. We are the British Independent Travel Operators Association, and our mission is to provide the most satisfying and complete service for all travelers who want to arrange a fullfilling journey. We have the most realiable teams of expertes working together to ensure that you have the best experience as a tourist, regardless of the place of the world which you choose as a destination.

We also provide our services to companies and institutions which send individuals or groups on travel for varied purposes. Our contacts with very privileged travel agencies and providers allow us to offer exclusive discounts for groups and very special coupons to enhance your experience. Travel with BITOA and feel the difference. Once you try our services, you will never want to go back to your old travel operators.


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We are an extensive team of over 20 people with very rich backgrounds in all areas of the travel industry. Together, we have one of the most complete portfolios of associated companies and agencies which grant us - and therefore, our clients - with special benefits for all sorts of traver arrangements. It does not matter if you want to go alone or in a group, within or outside the United Kingdom, for a week or for a month. When you travel with BITOA, you get only the best quality service and the most convenient prices for all our packages. 

We have agreements with over 30 providers who allow our clients to access special discounts and payment benefits. You don’t need to search for the best price any longer, because when you travel with BITOA, you are sure to get the most convenient final quotation for a good quality service. 

You can find out more about our special offers and premium arrangements by calling us on the number displayed on top of this page, or if you prefer you can write to us using our contact form. We are willing to arrange a free meeting with you so we can further explain our proposals and offers. Of course, all contacts prior to an agreement are absolutely free of charge and free of compromise. You will find out that BITOA is your most convenient option for your national or international travel plans.


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Our news section is constantly updated with information on the best touristic destinations as well as all essential information a traveler must know in order to improve their experience. Learn about the most wanted places in the world as well as some hidden gems about which you should know. Find the best rated accomodation as well as original ideas for your stay. 

Once you find the place where you want to go, we can make all arrangements necesary to provide transportation and accomodation, so all you need to think about is how you are going to enjoy your days away.


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"My best experience with a travel operator has been with BITOA. I have nothing to complain about, their service has just been perfect. They responded really quick and offered me great plans. I’d recommend them to all my friends."

By Jacqueline Field

"There is definitely a great deal of quality to BITOA’s work. You can see how they move and make arrangements with different providers. They have always offered me good prices and great results."

By Charles Murrock

"My experience with BITOA has always been possitive. I came back to them after my first time with them and nothing has changed so far. They deliver and they do it well."

By Carol Dennington